The more detailed Pali produced Regulated Council Search means we provide the most efficient, accurate and comprehensive Local Authority Searches in the market.

We can also provide Council produced Local Authority Searches if required.

Pali can provide you with a vast array of both residential and commercial Environmental Reports for any type and size of property or land produced by companies such as Groundsure, Future Climate Information and Landmark-the choice is yours depending on your needs.

An Environmental Report contains a professional assessment of a property or area of land in relation to the nearby environmental factors and states whether there needs to be any further action relating to any issues that is identified.

An Environmental Report normally give details of historic land use, flooding information, contaminated land, radon gas, mining, ground stability and much more within a given radius of a property or piece of land which could adversely affect it.

Whether purchasing a Residential, Commercial, Agricultural property or purchasing land for development, there is a suitable Environmental Report that can be ordered from Pali.

Pali can provide you with all localised mining and mineral Searches such as:

  • Coal
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Gypsum
  • China and Ball Clay
  • Limestone

If you are unsure if a property is in a Mining or Mineral area, Pali's risk alerts system will automatically inform you if searches are recommended.

Pali can provide two types of Drainage & Water Searches, a Pali produced Regulated Drainage & Water Search or a Water Company produced Drainage & Water Search.

Pali can provide you with a Regulated Drainage & Water Search for Residential and Commercial properties, or areas of land. A Regulated Drainage & Water Search provides underwritten and guaranteed information, alerting purchasers to unnecessary risks giving them and their adviser’s security, peace of mind and a clear trail of responsibility back to the Water Companies.

Some of the issues covered in a Drainage & Water Search include if it has a mains water supply and if it is connected to drainage facilities along with many other issues such as sewers and mains going through the boundaries of properties and land. There are still thousands of properties in UK which are not connected to sewers or mains water. They may use soak always, culverts, rivers or streams to disperse surface water, septic tanks, cesspool for sewage and wells or boreholes for the supply of water.

Pali supply Official Copies of HM Land Registry Documentation. We have a direct link through to the Land Registry Business Gateway which makes the ordering and delivery of Land Registry products very easy. All Land Registry Documentation provided from Land Registry through Pali are original official copies and ideal for conveyancing and use in a court of law. Two examples of Land Registry Documentation that Pali can provide are listed below.

Land Registry Documentation - Title Register

The Title Register is part of the Land Registry Documentation and contains a description of the property, its tenure, the name and address of the owners, purchase price, details of mortgages and other charges, covenants, rights of way and other easements. Other elements of the Title Register which is part of the Official Land Registry Documentation will contain the price paid for the property if it was sold after 2000, details of filed documents at Land Registry and Official Land Registry Markings. The Title Register is intended to be viewed with the Title Plan where reference of easements and boundaries marked upon the Title Plan may be made.

Land Registry Documentation - Title Plan

The Title Plan accompanies the Title Register as the second main document of title which is part of the Land Registry Documentation pack. The Title Plan shows an outline of the property boundaries and its location in relation to local properties. It may also contain 'T' markings to highlight the location of fences and walls. The Title Plan may contain coloured markings referred to in the Title Register for rights of way and boundary lines and a North sign to show the lands orientation. The Title Plan as part of the Land Registry Documentation will also contain the title number and Official Land Registry markings.

Search of the Index Map

Not all the land in England and Wales is currently registered and when land is registered it is given a unique reference number called a title number. Any sale of registered land is based on the registered title, details of which are held in the register of that title. If the land is unregistered, any sale, gift or first mortgage of it will trigger first registration. A Search of the Index Map or SIM for unregistered land, the search result will show whether or not the land searched is registered, the title numbers that affect and the type of registration that has been disclosed. According to the Land Registry, a Search of the Index map is an essential part of the investigation of title on any transaction involving unregistered land for the following reasons;
  • The land, or part of it, may have been registered already
  • a caution against first registration protecting some claim adverse to the title of the applicant may have been registered

Bankruptcy Search

Pali can provide you with a Bankruptcy Search on specific names which will inform you if they have gone bankrupt or signed an agreement to deal with their debts in England and Wales.

Official Search of Whole or Part With Priority

This document protects the register for the applicant for a period of 28 days

When a client is purchasing a new property, it is understandably important to address any concerns about any proposed, new or even possible development projects in the local area.

Local Authority Searches only provide the information relating to the actual boundary of the property being searched.

We offer a range of planning reports to help to ascertain nearby planning decisions and proposals of any localised planning decisions that may affect a property or land within the vicinity surrounding it.

DevAssist provide a unique range of reports which look at unexploited development risk or opportunity within a 75 meter radius of the subject property. The DevAssess report incorporates all the information in a standard planning report but goes one step further, by looking at the likelihood of, and opportunities for, development surrounding a property in the future.  These products have been developed by property developers and land acquisition specialists and because they look at what might happen, can provide additional peace of mind or reveal hidden value that would not be included in any other type of report.

We can source and obtain Planning Application Decision Notices, Building Regulation Applications and Completion Certificates to save you valuable administration time when completing your further enquiries.

We provide various utility company asset maps and searches which give locations of infrastructure such as gas pipelines, electricity and telecommunication cables, water mains and sewers. These are generally used by builders and developers who are constructing buildings, but also have many other uses.

We can also provide a full developer pack containing all the relevant utility searches, along with a Local Authority Search, Environmental Report and localised mining/mineral searches as well as bespoke packs tailored to your requirements.

We provide maps and plans showing the location of telecom companies assets and infrastructure such as BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone/Cable and Wireless and Vtesse/Interroute.
Once the asset plans have been obtained, for an additional fee, we can produce an Asset Layered Plan (ALP), where the various cables pipes and assets are overlaid onto a single Ordnance Survey plan, enabling the users to switch off and on the various layers as required.

Pali can provide you with a Company Report for any of the registered companies in England and Wales and are also able to produce Company Reports for companies registered in Ireland.
When ordering a Company Report from Pali, we can create them to contain specific documents or all current documents held by Companies House. Some of these documents can include information such as; current appointments, change of directors, change of registered office, mortgages, insolvency, winding up notice, annual returns and latest accounts.

Capital allowances are a valuable form of tax relief available to any entity incurring capital expenditure by buying, building or renovating commercial property. Capital allowances become available when a commercial property is acquired for use in the course of a trade, or in the course of a property investment business.

Capital allowances have the effect of reducing the taxable profits attributable to the property; you are also entitled to claim on new-builds, extensions and refurbishment works undertaken on a commercial property. In many cases they can create a tax loss that can be relieved by the owning entity against other income.

Pali has partnered with Catax Solutions to enable you to order a no obligation, free capital allowance analysis via the Pali website, in seconds. By answering a few basic questions you will not only be fulfilling your due diligence obligation but it could result in your client claiming back valuable tax relief.


Pali have teamed up with AML Search who are one of the leading money laundering experts and we have incorporated a direct link to their system meaning you can order your Anti-Money Laundering Searches online through our Pali search hub, at the same time as ordering all the other searches you require.

All AML Searches are fully compliant with ML Regulation’s, JMLSG & The Law Society.

Ordering your Anti-Money Laundering Searches through the Pali system gives you peace of mind that you have done the necessary checks with access to extensive & unique data sources, including credit data.

Lawyer Checker has been designed to protect clients’ money, regardless of whether they are the borrower or the lender to reduce uncertainty in identifying the legitimacy of the Vendor Conveyancer.
In order to protect both you and your lender, our policy is to check the identity of your seller’s conveyancer using Lawyer Checker, which allows us to check the account details of the sellers conveyancer’s firm against a database of previous conveyancing transactions. The results provided by the service will help to better assess the risk associated with sending your money.

TitleChecker® offers a summarised result for property detail, ownership and use – where the report identifies matters which require attention or may be critical, details from the OC1 and CML Handbook are provided. A page will also be included within the report with recommended products, setting out the policy type, underwriting criteria and relevant premiums.