It’s a No Brainer!!! Faster & Easier SDLT & AP1 Submission!

Why wouldn’t you want to free up more of your valuable time, so easily?

With HMRC and Land Registry improving submission times, reducing the time frame from 30 days to 14 days for SDLT/AP1 submission, there is even more time pressure on conveyancers and their teams to meet tighter deadlines.

Seamlessly integrated with all the Government websites HMRC, WRA, Land Registry and Companies House, conveyancers can now access clear and quick SDLT & AP1 submission forms via the Pali search hub. No more continuously re-keying information, reducing the arduous chore of double-entry data, decreasing the risk of AP1’s being cancelled and minimising errors and requisitions with faster and easier SDLT/LTT & AP1 submission.

Our new post-completion system is fully GDPR compliant at individual form level, ensuring safe efficient use of data with a permanent audit trail and easy access to information.

Even better the Pali system will detect whether the property is English or Welsh. Unique to Pali, users can esubmit Welsh Land Transaction Tax returns, enabling users to manage LTT Submissions alongside the English SDLT equivalents, commercial conveyancers can easily submit MR01 and MR04 forms online to Companies House.

No More Post-Completions Headaches:-

  • Seamless integration with HMRC SDLT return or WRA LTT and Land Registry’s AP1 application process
  • Compliant and authorised by HMRC, WRA, Land Registry & Companies House
  • Easy to use, same layout as paper version with facility to skip from page to page easily in any order
  • Easy auto-populate forms capture data from case details to complete submissions in minutes
  • Includes validation checks so errors are reported before submission 
  • Simple smart environment to manage and address requisitions directly with Land Registry
  • Forms are never deleted making your GDPR requirements easier to manage and administer
  • Automated full permanent audit trail
  • Can create multiple time-saving templates and stores details for re-use
  • Calculate SDLT or LTT fees instantly

Manage the whole process from quote through to post- completion, via one secure single sign-in. Everything you need all in one place

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