A cost-effective coal alternative – Introducing the TerraSearch Coal Report

In December 2015 The Coal Authority made available its coal mining data to external parties under commercial licensing terms, creating a commercial market with more choice for customers. This change in strategy now permits third parties to use and re-use its underlying data for the purposes of producing CON29M-compliant mining reports and other types of mining reports.

Terrafirma is a specialist provider of mining risk assessment solutions and has developed the Terrasearch® suite of reports with professional opinions. Using a combination of its own TerraSearch® platform and expert in-house geological team it provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective risk assessment of all past, present and planned mineral extraction, covering over 60 mining hazards, to properties across the UK. They have spent the last 3 years working with a national network of partners, to comprehensively map mineral extraction across the UK and develop a three-tiered search suite that can be applied to property transactions and development across England and Wales.

Terrafirma is the market leading nationwide mining search provider and offers professional guidance beyond the search stage, with tailored referrals to local experts and approved industry specialists.

Coal is part of the TerraSearch® range, designed to locate, assess and interpret the risk to a site from all mining hazards, uniquely packaging data and interpretation to explore and interpret the interlinked issues of the UK’s mineral extraction legacy. TerraSearch® Coal was developed to ensure that the client, be they an insurer, the local government, a land/property purchaser or lender can have, for the first time an all-encompassing assessment and interpretation of Coal and Cheshire Brine mining risk.

Pali can now offer you an alternative Mining Search to the Coal Authority. TerraSearch® can provide you with a “Con29M-Compliant” coal mining report, with additional expert interpretation and non-coal mining hazard alert.

This search meets all the requirements set by the UK Law Society, supporting conveyancer due diligence offering a viable alternative to the Coal Authority Mining Report.

If you would like any further information on TerraSearch® please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Pali team on 01925 227509 or info@paliwarrington.co.uk


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