The Legal Services Market is Changing!

The legal services market is changing and firms have to review their processes and procedures to realise the benefits technology can bring them in order to remain competitive.

If there were only a way to generate more qualified leads that didn’t require precious hours away from billable work. How do you capitalise on all possible business development opportunities in this profoundly changing marketplace?

Why Change?

One of the biggest business generation mistakes of all is using business development strategies that only target a small percentage of your ideal clients.

As we are all very much aware anyone who entered the workforce in the last decade grew up with digital devices; just as an earlier generation grew up with telephones. They are the generation that want an immediate solution and want answers instantaneously at all hours of the day.

Valuable fee earning and administration time can go into producing quotes for people which never materialise and it can be difficult to reinforce your value message when following up with pricing information electronically.

The revolutionary PALI Smart Quote application does not replace existing business development channels and face-to-face contact; it has been designed to complement conveyancers’ existing quote strategies and helps conveyancers to win more business and ensure their pipeline is constantly full.

Smart Quote is uniquely integrated with the Land Registry to ensure the correct tenure is used for your quotes and it automatically works out the stamp duty even on second properties. All major aspects of the property such as tenure, unregistered properties, solar panel loans (and more!) are automatically calculated in real time saving precious administration time and allows anyone you choose to be able to prepare a quote extremely quickly.

The Pali Smart Quote comprises of two main elements; an in-house calculator and a client-facing branded quote tool, which can be integrated into a website- you can utilise both tools or just use one, the choice is yours offering a tailored solution with regards to both cost and functionality. The system is easily implemented and produces branded quotes which will include your terms and conditions. Referral partners can be included in the process, with the option of commission being incorporated and built in reporting enables you to keep track and measure results with ease.

After a very simple set-up process SMART Quote can be used by as few or as many people as required in whatever way and method of communication is preferred ie telephone; face to face or email. There is also the option of a seamless integration into a company website so that members of the public can receive a branded and personalised quote INSTANTLY online, which they can choose to accept there and then; providing a 24/7 lead generation and tracking service.

Pali Smart Quote will become your Digital Quote assistant which you will soon find you can’t be without putting you in control, allowing you to free up your staff to deal with your clients throughout the conveyancing transaction delivering exceptional customer service.

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