Mining & Mineral Searches

Pali provides a portfolio of localised Mining and Mineral Searches such as Coal, Tin, Lead, Gypsum, Clay and Limestone. If you are unsure if a property is in a Mining or Mineral area, Pali’s online ordering system will automatically inform you if the address is situated in an area where Mining and Mineral Searches are recommended.

What kind of Mining Searches are there?

Our detailed Mining Searches cover various enquiries including Coal and Brine, Tin and Metal, Limestone, and Bath Stone. This is important as different areas in the country will have been exposed to different types of mining.

Our Mining Search reports identify any risks associated with past mining or quarrying activities, and are ideal for land and property purchases. These reports highlight whether or not the property is within an area that is likely to be affected by past, present or future workings.


Coal Mining Search (including Cheshire Brine)

A Coal Mining Search consists of information about mining activity on a property specific basis such as past, present and future underground coal mining activity, mine entries, open case mining from the past, present and the future along with coal mining subsidence and many other pieces of information.

A Coal Mining Search produced by the Coal Authority also gives details of whether a property is in a Cheshire Brine area and if so, details all of the information relating to the specific property and local area is searched against.

Cheshire Brine is a type of salt and has been mined from underground deposits for hundreds of years in the area of Cheshire leaving massive caves underground which are liable to subsidence which could cause damage to property. A compensation scheme is in place and the area covered by this scheme can be identified from a Cheshire Brine Search which is included within the Coal Mining Search as part of the Mining Searches that Pali offer.

 Terrafirma Searches

Terrafirma is the UK’s only Local Mining Expert, able to accurately and comprehensively identify and assess the risk to your client’s property or land from past, present and planned mining and mineral extraction across England and Wales.