Drainage & Water Search (Regulated)

Pali produced regulated drainage and water reports provide important information that is required by lenders and insurers as part of the conveyancing process.

There are still thousands of properties in UK which are not connected to sewers or mains water. They may use soak aways, culverts, rivers or streams to disperse surface water, septic tanks, cesspool for sewage and wells or boreholes for the supply of water.

Our reports include an easy to read and clear traffic light system summary sheet to highlight any issues. They are extremely comprehensive and include separate sewer and water plans, information relating to any build-over agreements in place and water quality information.

The reports are a summary of the information found when conducting a search of the water company’s asset plans and records. This ascertains if a property is connected to mains water and the public sewers, whether there are any public sewers located within the boundary or proposed adoption of sewers.