Anti-Money Laundering Searches

From the 15th December 2007 regulated firms are required to implement a risk based approach to CDD (Customer Due Diligence) and failing to do so may result in a fine, prison term of up to 2 years or being struck off.

Pali have teamed up with AML Search who are one of the leading money laundering experts and we have incorporated a direct link to their system meaning you can order your Anti-Money Laundering Searches online through our Pali search hub, at the same time as ordering all the other searches you require.

All AML Searches are fully compliant with ML Regulation’s, JMLSG & The Law Society.

Ordering your Anti-Money Laundering Searches through the Pali system gives you peace of mind that you have done the necessary checks with access to extensive & unique data sources, including credit data.
Changes are on their way With the 4th Money Laundering Directive coming into play in June 2017. This law is going to change specifically the way clients will need to be verified.